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“I had a very positive experience renting a Houser condo for two years. Even though Houser rents multiple properties to many tenants in our area, I always felt an individual and personal level of customer service throughout my time there. Whenever I had maintenance needs they helped me right away, including a house call on Christmas Eve during a blizzard. Once I lost my keys over a weekend and the office and maintenance staff helped ensure I could get back into my apartment and new keys made as soon as possible. The units and shared areas are always clean, snow cleared, and Houser goes above and beyond to help tenants when packages went missing. I also appreciated that they sent all tenants seasonal tips, beyond care of the unit. (Health and well-being tips, etc.) the online portal makes everything incredibly streamlined and easy too. I give Houser my highest recommendation and would live in one of their properties again!”

– Angie T.

“Overall, I’ve enjoyed my time as a tenant at River Ridge, as well as all the services I received. I just wanted to thank you for doing your job well and doing it with a genuine empathy for your tenants. You’d be surprised how difficult it can be to find those qualities in a landlord or rental agency.”


“Great building and great shape. One of the best I have seen in the area. Our maintenance requests were tended to in a professionally and timely manner, without question. Matt does a great job! I would absolutely recommend Houser to my family and friends!”

– Mike

“ To The Houser Enterprises Crew: I just want to thank you for everything the past 2 ½ years! You are a great group of people with excellent service and top-notch facilities. I couldn’t have asked for better living or Landlords while in Iowa City. I especially thank you for being so helpful and thorough in this subleasing process. Many Landlords would say, “it’s all you!” but you have shown that you care about your tenants & properties. I truly appreciate the extra work you have done & the assistance you have provided.”

– Kayla

“Houser staff was great, I would rent from them again. Everything was responded to in a timely manner and I felt confident in the service that was provided. The building was maintained well.”

– Crissa

“Tracy is the best! The condo, community and staff exceeded our expectation!”

– Hassan

“I’ve never had to ask twice to get something fixed. I would recommend Houser to anyone who is looking for a place in Coralville/Iowa City. The rent is a little higher than some other places, but you get a nicer place when you pay more. I have been very happy with my 2 years in my apartment.”

– Julie

“It has been a pleasure being one of your resident, I have had nothing but good experiences with your team. They are always able to answer my questions and go out of their way to accommodate their resident’s needs. My building as well as the grounds surrounding were always kept clean and the few maintenance issues I had were handled quickly and efficiently. I would love to recommend Houser!”


“Matt came to assist on several issues and is a very personable employee. I hold him in very high regard. He should be commended for his great work. The staff were all very professional and attended to our needs promptly and with great courtesy. I was very happy with the care of the facility. It was cleaned on a regular basis both the inside and lawn.”

– Travis

“I have loved the location of Redtail, our place was kept clean and well maintained. The lawn care and snow removal have been great so far. We have always had great interactions with your staff and received email responses in a timely manner. I would definitely recommend Houser! “

– Erin

“I would definitely recommend Houser especially to those that are looking for a very quiet, clean, secure building. I absolutely got what I paid for.”

– Cait

“Also, will you pass along my compliments about Matt? He’s really nice. I think it says a lot about Houser just by the team that works for them.”

– Vicki

“It was a great pleasure to work with you, Becky. I will always refer patients to your world class company. I really enjoyed my stay.”

– Arwa

“I cannot convey enough how much of a pleasure it was to have been referred to Houser Enterprises and to have had the chance to meet/speak to each of you. Within the past whirlwind of a week of my visit to Iowa City/Coralville from NC, I have spoken to many leasing managers, property management owners, and related staff at a myriad of available properties within the Iowa City area. Every staff member at Houser Enterprises including at the main office front desk, treated me so kindly and more importantly, patiently and with understanding of my current situation (late in the leasing year, looking for only single occupancy). Your professionalism was impressive and so very appreciated! I cannot say the same of many of the other mgmt companies and their respective staff members that I worked with here.

If and when the following years of residents to come to our dept. are in need of property management/leasing information, I will most assuredly be referring them to Houser Enterprises.”

– Anita

“This is far and away the best rental company I have come across in my nearly 10 years renting. A shout out to Matt and Kristen for always being more than happy to help at a moment’s notice with any level of work requested. The staff as a whole was always extremely responsive and helpful, even when highly inconvenienced. Although I was paying more than I ever have for an apartment, never once did I regret a dime spent with Houser. The attention to detail be it communication with tenants, caretaking of the property (grass maintenance, plants, pool, receptiveness to suggestions, holiday notes) or rental issues is unparalleled. If I could afford it, there would be no other company I will rent from you again, and I have made that readily apparent to anyone who inquires about renting in the Iowa City/Coralville area. Thank you all so much! Please keep doing what you’re doing.”

– Charles

“I had an great experience with Houser rentals. I cannot speak for all of the employees but the 2 people I spent the most time with Allison and Tracy were amazing. These 2 women dealt with my constant phone calls and emails about everything. When I say everything I mean everything. They were amazing. Tracy was my agent and was so helpful, kind, and made me feel comfortable with the idea of living in a new city. If everyone at this company works as hard as she does and provides such a great service then no one will be unhappy. Not only was my service fantastic – but the place I moved into is beautiful. Brand new appliances, no one has ever lived there. The place is amazing, I know I will be looking forward to going home at night. This company has great places to live with amazing customer service. If she can deal with me then she can deal with almost anyone – I would call so many times in a day to check things and ask questions and they would answer the phone happy and make me feel good about living here. These are first class people running a first class organization – if you live near Iowa City go Houser all the way.”

– Justin

“What a great experience!!! Super beautiful, cleaner than anything we’ve ever seen, and excellent staff! We would recommend these condos to anyone, anytime. The staff is exceptionally professional and proficient and we were amazed at the expediency with which they handled everything from renting to cleaning to any maintenance issues. I can’t think of anything negative or anything that I would caution anyone about. The management and staff have integrity and are fair and treat everyone with the utmost respect….it’s as if their own family members are living there and they want the best for them. We have lived in several apartments in Iowa City (managed by Apartments Downtown, Michael’s Apartments, and Heritage Property Management) and had terrible experiences…horrible, dishonest things happened with these other companies, so working with Woodridge was refreshing and an absolutely wonderful experience. They do not gouge you for things that you are not responsible for like the other companies do and they deliver an extremely clean, well-kept condo. I could go on and on with how honest, upright, ethical and fair Woodridge Estate Condos are, but I think you get the idea. On a side note, we had to sublease our place, and they were very helpful with that. Most other places just leave it up to you. We are considering moving back when our time is up with our situation in another state. Love, love, love them!!!”

– Resident 31 -35

“I lived at 29 Redtail Bend for almost 3 years. I have nothing but great things to say about this establishment and the landlords. I primarily dealt with Tracy, who was always very helpful and responded in a timely fashion. Furthermore, the maintenance man and his crew are professional and do a great a job. The building itself is very secure and quiet. I never had any issues with neighbors or noise. It is located by the interstate, but I never found that noise to be disturbing. Also, the common areas (like the hallways/doorways/rugs) of the building were always clean, as they partner through comp. systems (I believe?) to help those individuals have jobs. While no one likes to sublease or have to deal with that business, I had to utilize that option as I took another position before my lease ended. The staff were very helpful in assisting me through that process and giving me advice rather than having the, “it’s your problem” attitude, like many landlords do. I was truly grateful for their knowledge and assistance in making what could have been a hassle, a relatively smooth process.

I would recommend this apartment and Houser Enterprises without a doubt to someone moving to the area!”

– Resident

I have lived in this apartment complex for almost 4 years. The apartments and surrounding grounds are always well kept and clean. There is garage space available, which is a major bonus in the cold winter months! The staff at Houser Rentals are all very friendly and helpful. They are more than willing to answer any questions or concerns. I did not have very many maintenance issues during my stay with them. When I did have something occur, the staff always addressed it in a timely manner. I would recommend Woodridge Estate Condominiums to anyone.

– Resident

I have lived in 31 Redtail Dr. for 3 years. My experience has been wonderful. The apartment building is well kept and any maintenance concerns (which were few and far between) were quickly addressed by the staff at Houser. The gym is a great resource and I loved having it accessible to me. The area where the condos are located is safe and well lit. The highway noise was never a problem for me. Finally, the staff at Houser were very friendly and always easy to get a hold of. I have rented from other Iowa City area landlords (like Apartments Downtown) and have found the staff at Houser to be considerably more professional than those other -landlords. I was very pleased with all interactions I had with them. I highly recommend Woodridge Estates if you are looking for a nice apartment to live in.

– Resident

I’ve lived here a few years. Management is super nice and ever-helpful, always eager to please. They work with, rather than against, residents in resolving any issues they might have. The maintenance guy is polite, accommodating, and extremely capable in resolving any and all maintenance issues. And there have been, by the way, remarkably few issues with my apt, both very minor issues fixed the same day. He just popped in and was done in 5 minutes. He is also very good about changing furnace filters every year. This means less dust in the apt, and better breathing, which makes a difference for anyone with allergies. He even washes out the garage every spring. The grounds are nice and well-kept.
As for management, I’ve only ever had good experiences with them. They are understanding and professional. Tracy, particularly, is very good (she deserves a raise!).

A couple small points that make a difference: balconies, well-kept lawns, indoor parking, gym. A big selling point for me is the lack of undergrads; as far as I know, there are none in my building. If there are any, they are very quiet. To repeat, we have NO half-dressed girls puking in bushes, and NO bros yelling to one another. If you want to star in your own trashy undergrads gone wild reality show while you make mommy and daddy proud by taking 9 years to finish your Communications major, then you should look elsewhere for an apartment. The people here are professional, courteous, and quiet. Another bonus: there is a rent drop box outside their offices in Coralville so you can drop off your check outside of office hours, which is a nice touch. Also, there is NO traipsing down to a laundry room to do your thing. Every apt has its own washer and drier, which is awesome.

A side note is in order here: as for the other very recent review (mentioning movie tickets, etc), some mention of this has been made, but I think that the reaction is overdone. It is perhaps only fair that a resident is given some minor compensation for their time in providing information regarding the apartments. Indeed, this may well be common practice. Some of the content of that particular review seems to me to possibly be an emotional reaction, and as such does not bear terribly much on the facts of the situation which include the following:

a) It is doubtable whether any resident with a negative perception of Redtail would bother to put up a falsely glowing review, regardless of whether they are being compensated for their time (very meagerly compensated, if a movie ticket is the reward is there even anything good playing right now?).

b) the apartments really are nice, and the management is excellent; I have never lived in better apartments (and I have lived all over, in 6 different cities)

Anyway, I don t really care about movie tickets, and I won’t be asking for any. I do, however, want it to be known that these are good apartments, on the high end of what Coralville and Iowa City have to offer.

Summary: great apts, great people, great management end of story

– Happy Renter